As a child I grew up with a big dog. Bill entered my heart for a lifetime. It was like a big brother. We played a lot and we grew up almost together. We always looked at each other. I thank her and my father for many beautiful memories and love for dogs.
In 1995 I became acquainted with the Irish setter as a breed. That was when Kelly came to the family, who was our loyal partner for 7 years.His unique personality, the love he has given us, has made us loyal to this kind of thing. Unfortunately, in December of 2002 we lost him ...

Since Kelly was very much missing a dog from the family, we decided to re-buy a puppy who could not be but the kind, smart, playful and extremely human-oriented breed, the red Irish setter.
In 2003, Garden Star's Double Scotch "Rubens" came to us. Ruby's kindness, her dear, and of course our new friends(Garden Star's kennel), we owe the new hobby. We are totally accidentally entering the world of exhibitions.

In 2006 we took a party with Rubens, He Garden Star's Lollypop "Meggie". I did not think I would see two, but two Irish settlers as my friend, family, almost my child.They are the first breeders of our kennels.
In 2009 the first litter was born.
Irishtown became the name of our kennel, a small town in Ireland's Mayo County.
We now have seven dogs in Mogyorod near Budapest.
We strive for the breeding of quality, healthy and nerve-balanced puppies to make the happier the puppies who come from our kennel to their new homes.

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